Travel is infectious; it ignites curiosity and leaves you in awe. When I was 14, I participated in a school exchange program for 2 weeks in Kyoto, Japan. It was at that young and impressionable age that I discovered how fascinating cultures other than my own were and how much I could learn from them. Since then, my desire for travel has consumed me. 

I have traveled to 35 countries, lived on 4 continents and worked in various tourism industries. My adventures have taken me across Siberia, to the Serengeti, along the Great Wall and to Machu Picchu, just to name a few! This is why my clients, whether first time travelers or world nomads, benefit from my experience and planning skills. I really shine when it comes to adventure travel. Everything from backpacking to high end, I love exotic, up close and personal encounters with the world and its people.

Hearing from my clients upon their return, seeing their photos and reliving the experience with them as they riddle me with stories, is what makes the role as a travel planner so rewarding. Traveling leaves me wanting more and I want others to feel that same way.


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Expertise includes: Adventure Travel, Africa, Asia, South America, South Pacific